I want to start this post with a huge disclaimer: I am by no means a certified dermatologist and even if I were, I couldn’t guarantee that these products that I’m about to mention could work as well for you as they did me. Everyone’s skin isdifferent, so you shouldn’t take my word, or anyone’s for that matter, as gospel when it comes to skincare products. That being said, I’ve been doing some research and experimenting with a couple of products to get rid of the acne that appeared seemingly out of nowhere a few months ago.

I have quite normal skin and didn’t suffer from beak-outs during my teenage years, so it was hard to pinpoint the reason for my acne. I visited a dermatologist but wasn’t able to find a solution in the products she suggested I use, in fact, they only seemed to make it worse. My skin is very sensitive and the harsh cleansers and gels I was putting on my face were quite literally burning my skin.

So I ditched those and started looking for products that helped with breakouts andwere targeted for sensitive skins, which proved to be a harder task than I’d imagine. However, after some experimentation I managed to find products that not only got rid of my acne, but also worked fabulously with my sensitive skin.

And so, without further ado, I present to you my skin care routine along with a few tips that could help you find the product that is right for you.

Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Control Cleanser (US)

Out of all the products on this list I have to say that this has been the most effective when it comes to getting rid of breakouts. It’s a very gentle face wash that really purifies my skin without leaving it too tight. It’s targeted for oilier skins than mine but my skin goes back to normal with a bit of moisturizer after using it. It has salicylic acid as one of its main ingredients, which is something you want to look out for if you’re in the hunt for a solution to acne seeing as it limits the growth of bacteria in your skin, and unclogs pores. You have to remember to usesun protection after using products with salicylic acid though; not only because it makes your skin more sensitive to damaging sun rays but also keeps acne scars at bay.

QUICK TIP: Avoid foaming cleansers at all costs! Many companies insist on releasing them for oily and acne prone skin. However they might just make things worse, seeing as these types of skin are the ones less suited for them. These products basically strip your skin when you use them, which makes your body produce even more oil to try and compensate for the loss.

Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover

I’m running out of this thing and I’m still a bit confused as to how it works; I mean, it says it’s oil free but it’s one of those dual-phase makeup removers? I still got it anyway because while I still love Bioderma for removing my skin makeup, I find I have to work extra hard to remove mascara with it. So, I didn’t really need it per se, but the mood was right, the price low and my mom was offering to get it for me so there we go.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised though. It was easy to use and removed waterproof makeup instantaneously; didn’t irritate my eyes whatsoever and while I was initially put off by the oily residue it left, I then noticed that it didn’t linger on like other oils do but kind of weirdly vanishes?

Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Protective Base SPF15

I’ve heard a lot of people being disappointed with this product and I can see why; it’s referred to as a makeup primer by the brand, but after using it I’ve realized that it’s more of a moisturizer for aggravated skin. Like I said before, my skin was red and sore after using many harsh products that stripped my skin of moisture. It ultimately got so bad I could barely  touch my face without flinching, until I discovered this product that is.

It soothes the skin almost immediately after applying it, reducing the redness left by my breakouts while getting some moisture back into my dehydrated skin.

Elizabeth Arden Clear the Way Mask

Not really a product for everyday use but boy, have I been loving this. It’s both an exfoliator and face mask at the same time. You basically massage it all over your face and leave it for a few minutes until it dries. Now, the cool thing about it is that you can either scrub away or just leave it if you feel like your skin can’t handle the sandy particles. Personally I like to gently scrub at my T-zone and leave the more sensitive parts of my skin alone to get rid of blackheads and dead skin while giving an extra boost of radiance to my skin.

QUICK TIP: You might want to limit to 1 or 2 exfoliations a week to prevent your skin from getting too dry and sore. If you still find it gets irritated from scrubbing at it, you might want to look for a bead-less exfoliator with glycolic acid in it which will get rid of dead skin without irritating the skin.


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