I somehow managed to put off all of my uni work during the October break once again, so naturally I decided to write a blog post instead of catching up. Let’s keep this short and sweet, shall we? This time around I’ve added a variety of different colors to the usual burgundies and berries I usually wear during the colder months. 

Some of the brands are only readily available in specific countries so I’ll try to give you guys some alternatives that you can try out instead.

Am I the only one who actually thinks the Essie formulations suck? They chip after like 2 seconds and I find some of the shades are very poorly pigmented. That being said, they do have incredible colors, so if you’re anything like me and like to change your nail polish as often as twice a week you might actually enjoy using this gorgeous deep aqua color.

*Avon’s ‘Sequined Turquoise‘ is nearly identical in color, thought a bit sparklier in texture. // El color ‘Sequined Turquoise’ de Avon es casi idéntico pero es más escarchoso.

And now on the other end of the spectrum… Words cannot describe how much I love OPI. They have a fantastic range of colors and textures and their nail polishes can last for an entire week with little to no chipping on my nails.

This true red is a fantastic color for fall and even better so for the December festivities (71 days!).

No number or reference to go along with this one. I got this as a gift last christmas so I’m not even entirely sure if it’s still available. Loads of brands do these kinds of gold nail polishes though and I find it’s a fantastic transitional color to get into the real sparkly shades of winter.

*OPI’s (NL B33) ‘Up Front And Personal’ is nearly identical and Urban Decay’s Twisted has a very similar finish though a bit darker and warmer. // 24 Kilates de Vogue Fantastic es bastante parecido.

Nothing screams chic as loud as white nail polish does. This product has made the transition from Summer to Fall without a single glitch and the best part is that it goes with everything so you don’t have to worry about having your nails match whatever it is you’re wearing.

*Butter London’s ‘Colour Clash’, NARS’ ‘Ecume’ and Sally Hansen’s White On all look exactly the same. 

Where would I be without this deep, almost black, vampy red? Don’t think I have to fill you in on why it’s such a great color for the season. After all it’s no secret that dark berry shades and I are a match made in autumnal heaven.

*OPI’s ‘Lincoln Park After Dark’ is very similar but a little less red-toned and Essie’s Wicked is slightly lighter.

Matte top coats can instantly give a much cooler & modern appearance to any nail polish you own. I especially love it on top of darker colors and on white nails.

*OPI, Essie, Masglo, China Glaze and Sephora all have a matte top coat in their line.

A girlier, more fun version of the deep berries and burgundies that are so en vogue this season. This color looks fantastic on all skin tones, especially on the toes, and will work perfectly for those of you that aren’t so keen on some of the deeper colors.

*Butter London’s Fiddlesticks is a little bit deeper and has glitter in it. / ‘Furiosa’ de Masglo es similar pero un poco más fucsia

Another lovely shade from the Fall 2013 collection! This holographic gunmetal changes color depending on the light. It goes from a gray to an olive and even a pinkish tone, making it one of those shades that make you keep looking back to stare at the cool finish.

*OPI’s ‘Peace & Love & OPI’ is the perfect dupe; ‘Posh Bird’ from Butter London is more of a purple-y gray without the holographic effect; ‘Hayle’s Comet’ from Model’s Own has the same finish but the colors are a bit lighter and more vibrant.

Despite loving all of the crazy shades I’ve been telling you about, I still go through a nude phase every once in a little while. But nude nail polishes often make my hands look a bit dull so if you have the same problem you might want to give this beige-y pink a try.

*’Yummy Mummy’ from Butter London is much less pink; Chanel’s Rose Cache was the closest match I could find.

Nothing like a good ol’ aubergine to finish off a post about fall nail polishes, am I right? Lovely color, super flattering on every skin tone and the formulation of these Masglo polishes are simply fantastic!

*’Plum Noir’ from Tom Ford, ‘Battery Park Purple’ from NYC and Essie’s ‘Bahama Mama’ are all very similar.


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