So here I am, once again, neglecting the pile of work that’s been accumulating with the impending finals of doom (queue funeral march). But I think it’s clear to you all how much I love to talk about lipstick, and since we’re on the subject of changing seasons I thought I’d let you know about my top 6 lipsticks for autumn/winter 2013-14.

MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme in ‘Extended Play’ ($18.00 USD)

I have good news for all of the girls out there wanting to create the perfect vampy look. MAC’s lipcreme in Extended Play is the perfect bordeaux red that’s gonna help you accomplish that super chic look that is so hot for this season.

The texture is super matte which makes this lipstick as long lasting as immortality itself (see what I did there?). Unfortunately it also means that it can dry out your lips so just make sure to have a lip balm at hand to top it up during the night.

Clinique Long Last Lipstick in 03 ‘Creamy Nude’ ($15.00 USD)

As  I scroll down countless beauty blogs I keep seeing this super dramatic eyeshadow looks featuring deep, lovely shades of green, burgundy and bronze. Now, as I’ve told you guys before I am far from being an expert with eyeshadows, but as I’ve started to experiment with darker shades I’ve found myself in desperate need for a nude lipstick that would let the eyes do the talking.

This Clinique lipstick feels super moisturizing on the lips and doesn’t make me look like a freaking zombie (honestly self, what’s with the ‘undead’ references?), which is quite a nice change when it comes to nude lipstick. The staying power is not the same as the MAC one but it lasts pretty good on the lips, considering it has a fair amount of shine.

Revlon Colorstay Overtime in ‘Unlimited Mulberry’ ($9.99 USD)

O’ Revlon, Where would I be without your lip glosses? This one in particular comes with a stain on one end and a clear lip gloss on the other. The staying power is reaaaally good, and the color is this amazing plummy rose that it’s perfect for everyday use.

The only complaint I have about this product is that it flakes a little bit after a couple of hours, but it’s not really that bad after you top it up with the lip gloss.

Estée Lauder Double Wear in 10 ‘Stay Scarlet’ ($26.00 USD)

Every single woman should have at least one classic red lipstick ready for the Christmas season.

– Santa, probably.

Unlike the NYX red I featured in my summer favorites, this Estée Lauder lipstick has a slightly cooler undertone and is definitely much more matte and long lasting. It’s not as drying as the MAC one but I still feel the need to have some kind of moisturizing balm to keep my lips from looking too dry.

Dior Addict Extreme in 987 ‘Black Tie’ ($31.00 USD)

I’m sorry dear wallet but I had to have this lipstick. I only just bought it two days ago but I can already tell that this will be my favorite thing to wear during this season. It seems as though I’d been looking for a deep berry lipstick like this one for ages, and when I finally stumbled upon it at the Dior counter… Well, you can tell how it all ended.

The texture feels amazing on the lips, it kind of reminds me a little bit of the Revlon Lipbutters but I haven’t really had the time to really try it out so I’ll let you guys know how I get along with this one.

Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in 016 ‘Bordeaux’ (~$6.00 USD)

And last but definitely not least, is another product from Revlon (I simply couldn’t have just one in my favorites!). I got given this for Christmas last year and I think I honestly wore it every single day.

Usually I’m not crazy about lip glosses, but what I really like about this one in particular is the fact that it’s not sticky at all, and it wears off evenly without leaving that nasty white cast in the corners of the lips.

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