Once again the time has come for us ladies to pile on the bright coral lipsticks and bring out the light crochets and flower crowns that are perfect for this season!* It’s summertime; and while the season does come with its downsides (namely, actually having to shave my legs regularly), it is also the time for us to get excited about the large number of music festivals that are popping up everywhere. So I decided to make a little list of beauty products that are both low maintenance and easy to carry around.

*The previous statement is a lie; I’ve never been able to pull off this look.

So when it comes to festival beauty I find that less is always more. In my opinion the best looks are always the ones in which you don’t look as if you’ve tried at all. So my advice to you is to take the essential items you need to bring out the features you want to highlight and cover up anything that you think needs covering.

1. Avéne Sunscreen SPF 50 (~$24.00)

At this point, I seriously doubt that an SPF needs any explanation. I love the Avéne one cause it’s great for sensitive skin and wouldn’t let my fair skin burn even if I try.

2. Revlon Colorstay Concealer (~$10.00)

Speaking as somebody who’s struggled with dark circles all of her life, concealer is simply a must for me, and this one in particular is just freaking amazing. It has a medium coverage, it never looks cakey, it’s long lasting and it comes in a nice, compact packaging that takes little to no space. This would be perfect for someone who’s looking for a concealer that’s going to cover up enough stuff that you won’t need a foundation after using it.

3. Esteé Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation (~$37.00)

However, if you find that you do need that extra coverage that a foundation can give you then your best bet is to go with something like the Double Wear Light. It’s not as intense as the original Double Wear but it manages to even out the skin tone beautifully; and the best thing? It actually looks better if you apply it with fingers, so no fussy brushes are needed for this baby.


3. L’Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain (~$10.00)

If you’re a lipgloss kind of gal then this l’Oreal stain is perfect for you. It’ll leave a gorgeous shiny stain that’s going to last you ages! It’s fairly similar to the YSL glossy stain at a fraction of the price so you really can’t wrong with this one.

4. Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Bang (~$20.00)

Orange lips are everywhere at the moment! You can use it as a stain or just rock a fully blown, bright summer lip. And since the formula of these lipsticks are matte and extremely long lasting, you can double up its use and apply it as a cream blush at the same time. However if you feel that a creamy product might be too oily for your skin you might want to check out the  NYX powder blush in cinnamon (~$6.00) which is really long-lasting as well.

5. Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze (~$6.00)

I think I’ve raved enough about these thing so I’ll just say this: waterproof as anything, you don’t actually need any brushes and the color selection is incredible. But if you want to go down the smokey, Kate Moss kind of route then the Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajals (~$4.00) is the perfect pencil for a quick and easy rock-chic look that’s going to last all day.

6. Maybelline Great Lash Washable Mascara Royal Blue (~$4.00)

Sadly, I don’t think I’ll ever be one of those girls that is able to just walk out the door with bright blue mascara on her lashes, but music festivals practically lend themselves for people like me to try out these kind of “whacky” trends. Now, bright mascara is a big statement product so the best way to pull it off is to leave the rest of the face as natural and fresh as possible. This Maybelline mascara may take a few good coats before actually turning up the color you want but you really can’t beat the price. Especially considering this is not something you’re going to wear every single day.

So that’s it for my recommedations! Let me know if you have any festival beauty must-haves in the comments!


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    Great products! 🙂 I really like the Revlon’s BB cream :))
    lets follow each other? 🙂 http://lookbeyondbeauty.wordpress.com



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