I know, I know; admitting to using face wipes is reason enough to lose all of my beauty street cred, but hey, I’ve been away on vacation and I’ve been so lazy with skin care, I should actually pat myself on the back now that I’m taking steps to make sure I actually remove my makeup at night.

I bought these Burt’s Bees cucumber and sage face wipes ($5.49) on whim earlier today. I’ve always had a pretty good relationship with the brand and since these were targeted for normal to dry skin I thought they’d be perfect for my skin which has been a little dehydrated as of late.

dnfkdSadly, these turned out to be a huge disappointment. So much so, that I have the Walgreens return policy open on another tab as I type this. They felt very abrasive on my skin, stripping it and leaving it feeling super tight, which is odd considering the type of skin they’re targeted for. The smell, while pleasant, is wayyy too strong and my poor, sensitive eyes have yet to recover fully from the stinging fest that went down about an hour ago.

All in all, a very disappointing product which I plan to return as soon as possible. Maybe that’s what I get for being terrible at taking proper care of my skin…?



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